Hi, I'm Renee!

I am so excited to introduce myself, and cannot wait to meet you as well!

Photography really came to me as a way to capture the moments in my children's lives. As I continued to document their milestones I quickly started sharing my love for photography by shooting for my friends families and very quickly my career as a photographer became so clear that it was the perfect path for me. I absolutely love the time I get to spend with people and their loved ones!

When it comes to lighting, I always love to capture my favourite moments at sunset. Whether it is a maternity session and the light perfectly wraps around the expecting mother, or a family session and the brother and sister walk hand in hand, or a wedding when the bride and groom have a quiet moment to themselves – sunset lightning ads so much warmth into my photos.

I am from Forestville, California and I definitely cannot get enough of the outdoors! I always bring my son and daughter out for hikes, mountain biking adventures, water skiing, horse riding – anything that gets us out of the house we love!

I'd love to meet you!